4 Things Every Driver Should Know About Texas DWIs

DWI cases are taken seriously in Houston, Texas. It doesn’t matter if you’ve only been charged with Driving While Intoxicated for the first time, or if it’s your second or third. The thing is, even those drivers accused with DWI for the first time will have to pay a hefty sum, face jail time and have your license suspended which makes it very imperative to keep yourself updated with DWI Laws in Texas.

Here are some of the things every driver should know when it comes to Texas DWIs

It doesn’t matter if you’re a resident or just passing by in Texas – you can get charged once caught Driving While Intoxicated.

Each state has their laws, even on DWIs. If you are caught Driving While Intoxicated, you’ll have face charges in Texas. If you’re a Texas resident and was unfortunate enough to be charged with a DWI in other states, you will have to face the charges in that state. If they suspend your driving status, they could also cancel your Texas Driving License.

The penalties imposed on drivers charged with DWI are dependent on different factors.

These may include the following:

  • Age of the driver
  • Estimated Blood Alcohol Content
  • Type of Driver’s License
  • Prior DWI/DUI charges, if any
  • Damages, injuries or any other consequences associated with the DWI
  • If there are minors in the vehicle
  • Impairing substances seized
  • The skill of your attorney

The ability of your attorney can significantly affect your case which is why you’ll need to hire only the best Houston DWI Defense Attorney you can find.

Jail time, fines and suspension of a driver’s license will be dependent on the number of DWI charges.

For first time DWI offenders, you can stay in jail for 3 to 130 days, pay for up to $2,000.00 and your license forfeited for up to a year. If charged for the second time, prison time can range between one month up to one year, suspension of license for up to two years and a fine of up to $4,000.00

As for third time offenders, jail time can be between two to ten years, a fine that can go as high as $10,000.00 and two-year license suspension. You may also need to pay a certain amount for three years as your annual fee, so you get to keep your license. It can range from $1,000.00, $1,500.00 or $2,000.00.

Drivers pulled over by officers has the following rights when it comes to Texas DWIs.

Some of the rights you can use when a cop asks you to stop and is suspected with DWI are the following:

The right to remain silent and refuse to answer any questions asked by officers, but you are obliged to show your driver’s license and registration.

  • The right to refuse sobriety tests as these tests lack validity
  • The right to refuse a breath or blood test, but it comes with a price – consequences can include suspension of your driver’s license for up to 180 days.

These are just four things every driver needs to know when it comes to DWIs. Although the best way to avoid DWI charges is the obvious “no driving while intoxicated,” knowledge is still a powerful weapon in such cases. Seek help from the best DWI attorney in Houston, because being a convicted DWI offender is no way fun.