4 Reasons to Have an Attorney Specializing in Elder Law on Your Side

As medical technology and knowledge continues to improve, more and more people are living long and healthy lives. However, we all begin to age at some point in our lives and are thusly faced with a number of important decisions that impact not only us, but the loved ones who we will one day leave behind. Many of these choices involve legal matters that are best dealt with by a qualified and professional lawyer. Here are four reasons why you will want to consider having an attorney such as Cordell and Cordell specializing in elder law working on your behalf.

Issues Involving Medicaid

As you age, matters involving your health become an increasing concern. It is for this reason that Medicaid was created. This is your benefit, so it can be frustrating when you are not able to use it as it was intended. Dealing with matters involving Medicaid on your own can be a rather daunting task. There is simply too much involved. This is why Cordell Cordell and other professional law firms exist. Allow them to help guide you through the complex process and ensure that you have access to the benefits that you are entitled to.

A Trustworthy Power of Attorney

The more we age, the more we seem to have pressing legal matters that need to be attended to. You might not be in a physical or mental position to make such decisions, which is why you will want a lawyer acting on your behalf. While it is true that you can designate virtually any sane adult to be your power of attorney, you cannot be certain that they will be acting in your best interests at all times. You will want a lawyer on your side because they are bound by ethics and the Bar to which they have sworn an oath to. You can count on them to execute your wishes, even when you are not able to at various points in your life.

Estate Planning Matters

No matter how big or how small you think your estate might be, it still matters. You have worked hard to gather what you have in this life, so you want to make sure it is eventually disposed of according to your wishes. To do that, you will want a professional lawyer drafting up the agreements, putting the law to work for you, and shielding you and your heirs from potentially big tax hits. You owe it to yourself to engage in a bit of estate planning.

Protection of Your Assets

Similar to estate planning, you want to make sure that your assets are well protected. This is true while you are still alive, and after you have passed away. There are laws put in place to help protect those assets, so make sure you have a lawyer to assist you.

If you stop to think about it, all four of these issues typically impact most elderly individuals in one way or another. You want to enjoy these years and not be mired down in legal proceedings or bureaucracy. These three reasons illustrate the helpfulness of an attorney specializing in elder law, so consider contacting a reputable firm in your area today. It is never too late to begin planning.