How to Tell if Your Divorce Lawyer Sydney is Doing a Good Job

There comes a time when a marriage becomes dysfunctional and the only way of resolving the issue is getting a divorce. However, most divorcees will tell you of the psychological and emotional toll that accompanies the procedure especially when it comes to division of property and deciding on child custody or spousal and child support. Annulment of a marriage is one of the most complicated cases that a divorce lawyer Sydney handles. However, this doesn’t deter them from getting a favorable ruling for their clients. When going through a divorce it is advisable to desist from the temptation of seeking self-representation; this is because the annulment can expose vulnerabilities that can be exploited by the opposing counsel. It is advisable to hire competent family lawyers Sydney who have successfully handled other cases and have full understanding of matrimonial law.

Assuming that you have already hired a good divorce attorney Sydney, how can you tell that he/she is doing a good job?

  • He informs you of the divorce procedure in simple and understandable language. Not all people are aware of the legal jargon or the procedures that accompany the legal battles. Therefore, after hiring an annulment barrister Sydney, he will take time to explain the usual processes that characterize a divorce. The processes should touch on the various stages of a marriage annulment and the options that you have in each of them. Additionally, once he starts working on the case, he should offer updates on the progress so that you are not left in the dark. It is easy for a client to trust an attorney who offers updates and information on the case; it is quite irritating to hear about your case from a different person other than your lawyer.
  • He meets the set deadlines. Surprisingly, there are break-up attorneys who subject cases to unnecessary delays so that they can earn more from the client. These are advocates who ignore the kind of emotional distress that the couple and the kids experience during this period. Now, if you don’t want to experience such scenarios, ensure that your divorce counselor Sydney files all the paperwork and meets all expected requirements in time. If he is always late, your hearing will always be adjourned and you’ll end up spending years in the divorce court. As such, it is wise to avoid attorneys with a high number of clients whom they cannot satisfactorily handle.
  • He prepares thoroughly for the case. If you have hired a good divorce solicitor Sydney, you will notice that he’ll never lack vital documents required in the case. Additionally, if his paperwork is disorganized, that should act as a warning sign. The preparation doesn’t include the paperwork alone but that of the witnesses as well. If you are planning to testify, he will prepare you for both the direct questioning and the cross-examination.
  • He allows you to make important decisions. Contrary to public opinion, a separation counsel Sydney shouldn’t make all the decisions for you, he should present you with several options and allow you to choose the best or help you evaluate the consequences of each decision.


The most reliable family lawyers Sydney will not only offer legal advice but will also act as confidants and counselors in the difficult moments.