Singapore May Make Changes to Workplace Safety Laws

A review of workplace safety regulations in Singapore has begun. The review is happening because the government of Singapore wishes to decrease the quantity of workplace accidents in the future. Sam Tan is Singapore’s Minister of State for Manpower and he let Parliament know that this review of the Workplace Safety and Health Act is already in force and that it will wrap up by the close of 2018.

To date, the Workplace Safety and Health Act has been reviewed three times. The original act was brought into law during 2006.

According to the Minister, competency for safety is about training, awareness and enforcement. With regard to enforcement, The Minister for Manpower currently runs programs which educate half a million Singaporean workers per annum.

With regard to training, over one hundred and fifty thousand workers take training which is safety-related each year.

The Ministry of Manpower produced a recent report which showed fewer deaths in the workplace in Singapore during the first six months of this year, versus figures for the half year before. In the first six months of this year, nineteen people died at work. This is a decrease from a figure of twenty-four deaths during the last half of 2016.

There were forty-two workplace fatalities during the first half of 2016. Overall, the manufacturing niche is the one where people tend to suffer fatal accidents. Next on the list is the construction industry.

Injuries are also down during 2017, versus the year before. During the first half of 2017, there were a little more than sixty-one hundred accidents, versus over sixty-seven hundred accidents in the last half of 2016. Unfortunately, the number of occupational diseases contracted by workers in Singapore went up during 2017. It rose from three hundred and forty-one cases to four hundred and sixty-seven cases.

MOM Does Plenty of Workplace Inspections

This Ministry performed more than twenty-eight hundred inspections during the first half of 2017. Four hundred of them were centered on how safe workplaces where workers need to work at heights were. Examples of industries where employees need to work at heights include construction sites, storage years, warehouses and factories.

Will Stronger Laws Be Helpful?

Clearly, the Ministry is already doing a lot to try to keep Singaporean workers safer. However, the Ministry obviously feels that reviewing the current workplace safety laws, with a mind to making changes, will be one of the keys to reducing workplace fatalities, injuries and occupational diseases in the future.

Some workplaces are dangerous. Some sectors of industry bring more risk than others. Tightening up laws and modernizing health and safety regulations should help even the most dangerous workplaces and industries to become safer for workers.

It appears that the review won’t take too long, so it’s quite probable that laws for health and safety in the workplace will evolve in the foreseeable future. It’s unlikely that a full review of existing laws won’t spark some changes. Naturally, companies which employ workers will be keeping a close eye on changes to workplace health and safety laws.

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