6 Immigration Application Errors That May Sink Your Application Permanently

Many people tend to immigrate to Canada every now and then. However, some people seek the help of an immigration lawyer but some carry out the task themselves. There is a chance that errors are committed in both cases and that’s why this article aims at highlighting some of them.

  1. Not signing the forms

Let’s face it, this is one of the things that sounds simple, however, it is the most overlooked immigration application mistake that happens all the time. You fail to sign the application form where you are required to sign. In some cases, you may be required to sign twice or even thrice other forms may require you to sign more than three signatures yet you may find people signing only the bottom of these pages leaving out the other two signatures. Not signing the forms appropriately will make your application to be rejected. Why not seek the help of a Toronto immigration lawyer who will take you through the entire immigration application process.

  1. Making an incorrect fee payment

Every application process has a different payment method. Some of the accepted payment methods are bank drafts, cheques, and money order. For sponsorship application for permanent residency, it is advisable to pay using the internet but also a bank paid receipt can do. However, some visa offices may require you to make the payment in their local currency, therefore; it is good to refer from their website to see the amount of fee in local currency.

  1. Incorrect photograph size

This is another error that can cause your application to be rejected. Immigration application requires photos with a set size usually 35mm wide and 45mm tall, where the head image must be a maximum of 30mm tall, however, it is good to check the CIC instructions for pictures since your pictures must be of a size that fits on the forms sent by CIC.

  1. Availing only the recorded documents in the checklist

Truth be told, this is an error that many people will find themselves committing. As long as I have all the documents listed in the CIC checklist I am good to go. Some cases, only the listed documents may not be good enough. Note that CIC will not be there to help you during the immigration application process. For instance, you might be required to submit the attested affidavits from family and friends together with letters of support. This is a requirement to support your relationship especially if you are a common law couple.

However, it will all depend on distinct cases that may require additional evidence. But you need to have at least additional documents such as phone records, lease records, bank records, correspondence, and messages either from Facebook or your text messages and many others.

  1. Inappropriate information on forms

Ensure you represent any information necessary on your form to avoid rejection. In fact, in most cases representing inappropriate information is considered as a serious offense especially under Canadian Immigration Law. Remember, CIC uses the information you present so as to decide whether to grant you the opportunity or not, so you should provide useful, correct and appropriate information.

  1. Not submitting a cover letter

This is also another error that can cause delays in the processing time. Submitting a cover letter that shows who is applying for what program, and the details of why the applicant be eligible for it makes the complete going through process easier for the visa officer. This, in turn, makes the processing faster and favorable. Therefore, the ultimate approach is to submit a thorough cover letter affirming the applicant’s right to immigrate under prevailing laws and policies.