Dan DeKoter Explains Strategies Helping Employees and Employers Win Legal Suit

Even though winning or losing a case depends on several important factors such as the strength of each side, the evidences etc. but still there are certain things which if followed can help you in winning an employment suit. Dan DeKoter, a renowned civil litigator says that law suits are not only about money but they are about relations, helpfulness and mental constancy.

Companies that realize the suing the worries of employees in the litigation process can actually make the best settlements. Mentioned below are some of those fears:

  • The greatest need for compensation of an employee is right after the termination instead of later when they are employed once again. Employees tend to take less money if it is offered fast.
  • Most of the employees are concerned that potential employers may learn of the court case and be more unwilling to hire them. Even though, in reality this is seldom an issue in the hiring procedure, employees with those worries tend to wish to settle their case fast, and reasonably on the cheaper rate.
  • Most of the employees are very much worried about the effect a law suit can have on their repute and future relationships with the employer. Such employees will resolve more fast when an optimistic reference is part of the package.

List of Employer’s Fear- Dan DeKoter Gives An Idea

  • The illegal dismissal cases are scrutinized more closely by the colleagues. In case they view a former colleague to have been treated severely, they are less expected, in turn, to be as faithful to the organization or be productive. In the same way, a bad reputation for dealing with employees will make it more problematic to hire sought-after new applicants.
  • Most of the employers fail to consider the influence of court case on the sacked employee’s colleagues. But practically all employers are terrified of the effect on customers. If a sacked employee has an outstanding relationship with the customers of the company, the employer should continue very cautiously. The employer’s must remember that the customer loyalty can be as delicate as the loyalty of the employees.
  • The big firms especially, are anxious at the viewpoint of media inspection of their conduct. This can not only cause damage to their reputation but can also result in monetary loss.
  • Employers rarely view a case separately; instead, they look at the inducement that provides extremely substantial compensation settlements to other employees to prosecute. Extremely substantial settlements endorse court case in others as much as especially frugal ones. But employers must be thoughtful. Prosecuting and failing at trial will inspire additional litigation in the same way that prospering at trial will make other staffs less ready to sue.

If you, or someone you care about is facing with employment law issues then you should not hesitate to contact Dan DeKoter. He has been associated with DeKoter, Thole, Dawson & Rockman, PLC. and specializes in business and employment law, civil litigation, and administration and estate planning.