Know the muscles that are worked up during hiking?

Hiking is one of the best ways that helps you to improve your physical health. It is very effective in strengthening your muscles of your hips as well as your lower legs. It gives a very good shape to your body and is very effective in tightening the core muscles.

There are many muscles that get worked up during hiking and given below is a list of those muscles:

· The most important muscle that is used during hiking is the quadriceps. These muscles are located on the front part of your thigh. There are a number of muscles that are involved during the time of hiking and help the hiker to move in the forward direction. The quadriceps also helps in straightening the knee and also helps in walking properly on the trail.

· The hamstrings are the muscles of the upper thigh that combines with the quads and helps in the bending and the flexing of the knee. When the body is moving forward, the hamstring muscles help in pulling these quads back. Hiking is very strenuous activity for the hamstrings and it requires much more energy as compared to the energy required by the hamstrings at the time of running.

·The lower leg muscles called the calves have a very important role to play, at the time of hiking. These muscles experience very strong changes in the intensity level at the time of hiking. The stress level of the calf muscles are much lower at the time of walking as compared to the hiking. If you are a hiker, it is always important to perform calf stretches regularly in order to avoid any kind of injury that might be caused to the hiker at the time of hiking.

· The series of muscles that help in supporting the torso at the time of physical activity is called the glutes. When you go for hiking, the glutes help in supporting the weight of your bag and also help in supporting your body weight. When you are moving uphill, there is a very rigorous activity of the glutes. If you want to strengthen the muscles then you can perform squats.

· The hip muscles have a very important role to play at the time of hiking. These muscles are very effective in supporting the lower back muscles and the glutes at the time of hiking.

·The abdominal muscles help in properly maintaining an upright position at the time of hiking. It is important to exercise regularly, so that the abs is properly strengthened and there is no back injury at the time of hiking.

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