Premise Liability – Know More about Its Common Claim Types

Premise liability is a legal term that is related to personal injury cases. In such type of cases, injuries that are caused due to some defective or unsafe property is considered. Most of the injuries are caused due to negligence. To prove the innocence and win the case, the victim has to prove that the owner is careless with respect to owning and /or maintenance of the property.

What charges can be made against the property owner?

If the property of an owner has caused harm to a person, then he or she is liable for several charges under premises liability case. The legal proceedings for the case involve identification of the person who is accountable for the fault. To prove that the property owner is liable for the incident, following are the things that the claimant has to prove:

  • The person who in question is the owner of the property.
  • Wrongful act done on the part of the property owner has caused occurrence of the incident
  • Any injuries that were caused due to wrongful and negligence act.
  • The property owner was aware of the fault or defect in the property but failed to solve it or warn about the hazard.
  • There had been no kind of property misuse on behalf of the injured party that increased the risk of injury.

Types of Premise Liability

Inadequate Security

When you are an employee of a company, then it is the responsibility of a company to provide safe premises to conduct business operations. If customers or employees get injured due to any break-in, vandalism or robbery incident, then business’s security will be held liable for causing it.

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If a person walks into an obstruction, that is lying on the floor or hanging from the ceiling, then it is also a common premises liability issue. The owner has to mandatory warn public about overhangs and other forms of obstructions. It is their responsibility to keep walkways usable and clear.

Poor Maintenance

Fixtures, fire suppression systems, appliances, and several other common building elements due to the absence of upkeep can become dangerous.

Slip-and-Fall Risks

Slipping and falling due to snow or packed flooring, wet flooring, or misplaced equipment and wires are one of the commonest reasons for accidents at public places.

Uncontrolled Dogs

People who own pets are responsible for all sort of damages caused due to their animals. This responsibility is relevant when the owner of a property has an aggressive dog. Due to lack of training or dog biting or absence of a fence, any injuries caused will make the dog owner liable.


When the property owner fails to upkeep the property in the best condition and somebody gets injured due to it, then a case can be filed under premise liability case against the property owner.  Learning the types of claims and filing for it along with an experienced attorney would help in efficient settlement of the case.