Do I Need a Solicitor To Write My Will

A solicitor is a person who is a legal practitioner in some jurisdiction such as in writing wills and others. For one to act as a solicitor, he or she must pass some legal-defined qualifications which may vary in different areas of jurisdiction. In UK, solicitors are divided into two; that is, a solicitor and a barrister, who are commonly known as advocates. Solicitor are important when it comes to will writing because they offer advises on the procedures of writing a will and they also conduct legal proceeding in the implementation of the will. Some people argue that, writing a will is not important but they are wrong and they need some education regarding will writing.

According to National will writers UK, there are some negative effects and activities that happens when one dies without having written a will. This negative effects includes; the government has the authority to distribute your inheritance as it sees fit and in some cases, inheritance may be awarded to people you could not have trusted. Also there are delays in the distributing of the inheritance to your children or the relatives or your unmarried children may end up not inheriting anything. National will writers UK also states that, there are a high possibility of disputes occurring between your children if you die without having written the will. This maybe so because some may want to inherit certain assets or they may want to have more than others. In some circumstances, all of them may also end up inheriting nothing due to difficulty in the sharing of the inheritance. From this we see that it is important and it is our responsible duty to write a will to prevent such incidences from occurring.

When writing a will, it is important to hire a qualified solicitor, who ensures that your assets are administered according to your desires. Solicitors in will jurisdiction, have the following duties to their clients; they have a duty of disclosure. They are supposed to disclose all the charges on services delivered to the clients. Solicitors has a duty of honesty in the dealing with their clients and they should act with due skills and diligence and with good faith. Another solicitor`s duty is that; they should ensure that their interests do not conflict with the interests of their clients. Confidentiality is another role of each and every solicitor and he or she should ensure that the secrets of their clients comes first in their dealings. Solicitors also have an obligation to communicate effectively with their clients and they should follow the client’s instructions to the letter. It can make you find more knowledgeable by visiting

Hiring a solicitor is important when writing a will and you really need to hire one because, he or she ensures that legal proceeding regarding your will goes smoothly and as desired. They are also important as they equip you will knowledge and advice on what goes on in will writing and administration. Though they charge you for their services, they are worth it because they save you time and resources in all legal proceedings.