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3 Things That Affect your Chance of Getting a Car Accident Compensation

by Danny white

After you are involved in a car accident, you will need to file a claim to your insurance company so that you can be compensated. However, the worth of your accident case is determined by various elements. If you can clearly prove that the other driver is liable for the accident and you can show the damages, then there is a higher chance of winning the claim. Remember, you don’t necessarily need to go to court for Car Accident Compensation. You can simply solve it outside, as long as you know what you need to do. However, there are chances that you might not get the compensation, and the following factors could affect your claim.

Before you look at these factors, you need to know that insurance companies prefer settling such claims outside the court. It makes it easier to complete the procedure, and you have more control of the outcome than when a jury decides it. Another thing is, proving that your injuries were a result of the car accident is easier than any other proof. So, it will be easy for you to get the compensation. Here are things that might affect your compensation.

  • If you don’t have an experienced lawyer to back you up

Even though hiring an attorney when following your compensation is not mandatory, it makes a big difference from doing this on your own. The professional will help you strengthen your case and evaluate the chances of getting compensation. However, the lawyer must be experienced enough to know what to do. Sacco and Fillas provide the best attorneys for such cases. The professionals help you to pursue the company and get the settlement you deserve.

  • If you lack enough damages to claim compensation

You will need to provide proof of your damages if you want to get compensated. Otherwise, without enough evidence, your claim may be denied. Therefore, you need medical records from the doctors, a report of loss of income, and a doctor’s testimony. Before filing the claim, you must make sure the injuries meet the criteria set by the insurance company. You will also need tangible evidence to prove our case. Without these, your chances of getting the settlement are diminished.

  • If you cannot prove the other party is liable

If you cannot prove that the other driver was at fault, there are low chances of compensation. You need to gather proof from the witnesses, take photos of the accident and ask for testimonials from a reconstruction expert. The report you filed with the police after the accident will also be crucial in proving fault. An attorney is invaluable in this case since they help you collect all the proof you need to support your claim. In case your claim will be unsuccessful due to lack of enough evidence, the lawyer will let you know from the start.


Pursuing a claim after an accident does not involve any risks. However, if you want to get compensation, you have to get what it takes. Get yourself an experienced lawyer and prove the liability of the other driver. You also need to have sufficient evidence to back up your case. Without these, your chances of getting compensation are low.