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5 Major Reasons for Employees to Hire an Employment Attorney in Virginia

by Paul Watson

If you’ve been fired, disciplined, or experienced discrimination in the workplace, it’s never too late to pursue legal measures. People who retain a virginia employment attorney can do so for several different reasons. Some people find themselves at odds with their employer over wages or benefits. Others face hostile co-workers and supervisors. 

It’s also common for employees to be treated unfairly due to age, gender identity, sexual orientation, disability status, or other protected demographic traits under state law. The more reason your case has, the higher your chances are of receiving compensation, such as lost wages, back pay, and punitive damages.

Here are 5 main reasons for employees to hire an employment attorney in Virginia.

  • Denied benefits

If you were wrongly denied a benefit package that you were eligible for under your employer’s policy, it can be frustrating to know that you’re receiving less money than you’re entitled to. Relying on just the information provided under your employee handbook can lead to mistakes because employers are not obligated to provide accurate or complete information. So, you should seek the help of an employment attorney to help ensure that you’re receiving all the benefits to which you are entitled.

  • Sexual harassment

Employee harassment can take many forms, but it’s often rooted in sexual discrimination and the display of personal characteristics that you cannot control. If you’ve been subjected to inappropriate sexual comments or harassment, it’s important to seek legal counsel right away.

  • Discrimination

In addition to sexual discrimination, there are other reasons why you might want to hire an employment attorney in Virginia. This includes discrimination based on race, color, marital status, nationality, gender identity, age, disability, and more. Many of the protected classes outlined in discrimination laws are vague and can be interpreted in many different ways. 

  • Wrongful termination

Employees in Virginia have the legal right to file wrongful termination suits if they were fired for discriminatory reasons. If you’ve been wrongfully terminated, an employment attorney in Virginia will be able to determine whether you have a valid claim and help represent your case.

  • Hostile workplace

If your workplace is a toxic environment with unreasonable supervisors, it can be difficult to work and perform your job duties. If this is the case for you, an employment lawyer will help you develop a strategy to address the offensive atmosphere.