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5 things to check when hiring a business lawyer in Las Vegas

by Paul Watson

Talk to any of the big business magnates, and they will tell you that you need a lawyer and an accountant from the day you initiate your business idea. There is no dearth of law firms in Las Vegas, but you don’t need any other lawyer but someone who specializes in business law. Businesses in Nevada are constantly grappling with regulatory norms and compliance requirements, and to add to the woes, disputes with employees, suppliers, vendors, and other parties crop up every now and then. In this guide, we are discussing what it takes to engage a business lawyer Las Vegas.

  1. Make a list. Once you know that you need an experienced business lawyer, the next step is to make a shortlist of the best law firms in your area. Start with websites like Nolo, or go for a quick search on Google. Of course, references are always handy.
  2. Think beyond branding. Yes, you would want a big corporate lawyer to represent you, but branding is not everything. You may have heard horror stories about how businesses ended up in a legal soup because the lawyers weren’t available on time. Focus on client service and check if the company has a respectable clientele.
  3. Check the credentials. You don’t need a lawyer who has huge credentials to their credit but is always busy. Check what the attorney has done in your sector. Have they worked for clients with similar business models as yours? How old are their clients? Is the law firm willing to discuss its retention rate?
  4. Accessibility is as important. As we mentioned, you should be able to consult an attorney on demand. No matter whether your company needs help with severance packages or needs representation for an employee lawsuit in court, the lawyer should be available. When discussing accessibility, ask the attorney how they would be communicating with you and how you can contact them.
  5. Give some importance to personality. You need an attorney who values the relationship, and while personality is not an immediate trait to look for, it is wise to hire a lawyer who is likable. Don’t hire someone because they are offering a lower hourly rate or are always making excuses.

Lastly, consider the billing options. Most business lawyers in Las Vegas will take an hourly rate, and you may want to know if they are willing to work on a retainer basis. Get an estimate in advance.