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Arrested For A DUI In Honolulu? Check These Details

by Sheri gill

If you are facing DUI charges in Hawaii, you have serious reasons to worry about. Habitual offenders in the state meet the worse consequences, which include up to five years in jail and license revocation for up to five years. Whether you have committed the crime or not, you need to have an ally on your side. If you attempt to handle things independently, you could end up in a mess, and a DUI conviction will appear on your records for five years. In this post, we are sharing more on how to win your case after getting arrested for a DUI in Honolulu.

Take the right steps

Details make the most significant difference in a DUI case. No matter how small the piece may seem, write down all you can remember about the time of arrest or when you were pulled over. Your attorney will want to know these details to determine the line of defense. After getting charged with DUI, you have three options – You could go for a breathalyzer test, agree to go for a blood test, or can refuse to give the test at all. You will get a yellow sheet if the breathalyzer results show that your BAC level is 0.8 or higher. You need to request then a hearing, which will be an administrative hearing, at the Hawaii Department of Motor Vehicles.

Other things to know

If you are found to be driving under influence of drugs/alcohol, you will be asked to surrender your license at the time of the arrest. You must otherwise surrender the same to the DMV and get a Temporary Driving Permit, which allows you to drive for a given period (usually 60 days),

Get a DUI Attorney

Hire an experienced DUI attorney at the earliest because time is crucial in such cases. Often, a lot of work is involved in countering the prosecution case, and your attorney will need to find evidence to devise a strategy. If you are hiring an attorney for the first time, you should consider whether they specialize in criminal law and have experience handling DUI charges on a regular basis. You should also ask if the attorney has represented clients in court and how they intend to present and approach your case.

Let an experienced and reliable DUI attorney represent your case for the best possible results. Make sure you are honest with your lawyer.