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Criminal defense – role of the private investigator

by Danny white

Criminal defense cases are some of the most challenging legal battles that one can encounter. Both the accused and their families can suffer devastating consequences if they lose. For their clients’ defenses to be solid, criminal lawyers need all the help they can get. Private investigators play an essential role in criminal defense cases. A criminal defense lawyer hires them to investigate cases thoroughly and collect evidence that can help their client.

Gathering evidence

Private investigators do their best to gather evidence to support the claims of their clients in criminal cases. It involves conducting interviews with witnesses, gathering physical evidence, reviewing police reports, and analyzing forensic data. Private investigators uncover hidden details and facts that may have been overlooked by law enforcement. Insights gained from them may shed light on previously unknown aspects of the case.


Private investigators perform surveillance. Surveillance often involves monitoring people’s activities or tracking their movements discreetly without being noticed. Investigators gather information about possible witnesses by using various techniques such as video recording devices and GPS trackers. Surveillance helps in establishing patterns of behavior, identifying accomplices, and revealing any inconsistencies between what someone says they were doing versus what they were doing at certain times.

Background checks

Background checks are not just conducted on the participants in a case but also on potential biases or red flags. An investigation into a witness who makes conflicting statements about what happened on a given day. It might involve looking into their past behavior or seeing if they have close connections with others involved in the case. Expert testimony is sometimes required of private investigators in court. It usually happens when they have uncovered significant evidence that is likely to influence the case’s outcome. get legal representation in Mississauga ask new eyewitnesses to testify if their statements conflict with earlier statements by law enforcement officers or witnesses.

Working with criminal defense lawyers

Private investigators and criminal defense lawyers work together to build a strong defense for a client. They provide information that helps lawyers make strategic decisions throughout the legal process. Investigators also assist in developing a theory of the case that aligns with their client’s best interests. They provide insights into how different pieces of evidence fit together and identify potential weaknesses in prosecutors’ arguments. Criminal defense attorneys can assist with reviewing the prosecution’s evidence for inconsistencies and errors. Even when the prosecution is unaware of new evidence, private investigators may be able to uncover it. Moreover, private investigators can assist in preparing witnesses for trial by conducting pre-trial interviews and helping them develop their testimony. They can also conduct mock trials to help lawyers identify areas of weakness in their case and adjust their strategy accordingly. Also, private investigators can provide insight into key players’ motivations and behaviors. When committing a crime, understanding the reasoning behind actions or decisions was taken. They can look at a person’s background, uncover the relevant evidence, and question witnesses about the case.