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Determining Liability in a Chain Reaction Accident 

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Chain reaction accidents are one of the most severe types of accidents as it comes with severe collisions causing car pile-ups and several injured parties. It occurs when more than two vehicles hit each other in a series of collisions following the impact of the first collision.

Given the several drivers involved in such a crash, determining fault is not as straightforward as in the other common road accidents. There are several factors that might need you to have a legal team and expert witnesses. 

Experienced Philadelphia truck accident attorneys understand how to determine the liabilities in these types of accidents. They are also prepared to help you after the accident to prepare claims and get your rightful compensation. 

How to determine who is at fault

The fault in the chain-reaction accident lies with the party who was negligent to cause all the crashes. In most cases, it might be easy to fault the driver who triggered the accident in the first place. However, there is more to look into before understanding the responsible party for the accident. To determine fault, the legal team and the insurance company uses various sources, such as; 

  • Police report 

The police are always the first in any accident scene. Your legal team can rely on the police report to understand what transpired following the accident. The police assess the accident and look for possible evidence by observing the positioning and damages on the vehicles, and also collect statements from the parties involved in the accident. 

  • Witness statements

The witnesses at the scene of the accident are some of the credible sources of evidence for your claim. Find those who were around when the accident happened and are willing to testify. Have their statements as soon as possible before the information can get distorted. Also, keep their contact information for future reference if necessary. 

  • Accident reconstruction

It is not all the time when you can find witnesses to an accident that makes it hard to determine the liable party. The best solution at this point is to look for an accident reconstruction expert. They will put together everything that might have happened to find the events leading to the accident hence determine the liable party.

Multiple drivers liable 

Given the multiple vehicles in the crash, there is always the possibility that more than one driver is at fault. In case you find various drivers at fault, you can sue for claims against all of them.

There is also the possibility that you might be one of the drivers at fault. In such a case, the lawyer will help you look for the comparative fault laws of the state. Such that you only pay for the portion of your fault. 

The help of a lawyer 

Everything about filing for a claim in a chain reaction accident is complex. You need an experienced lawyer to first help you look for evidence and witnesses after the crash. The lawyer will also find fault and represent you in all the legal processes. 

Look for a reliable lawyer who has handled similar cases before for the best experience.