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Domestic violence: How to act in case of domestic violence against women?

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The gender violence and domestic against women right now an all too common problem in society. However, public awareness is helping to see little by little the light at the end of the tunnel. In this article we want to make a presentation about how to act in the event of a crime of these characteristics. For more information it would be good to read Liakos Law blogs.

What is gender violence?

The first thing we want to do is differentiate the different types of violence that exist, although it is true that we will focus on gender and domestic or interfamily violence. This is mainly due to the fact that both terms are often misused, interpreting that they are synonymous when they are not. Gender-based violence is that which is carried out against women for the mere fact of being. Besides, it can occur inside the home, but also outside. It is based mainly on the supposed superiority of the male sex over the female.

What is interfamily or domestic violence?

Domestic violence is that which occurs solely and exclusively within the home. In this case, this type of psychological, physical, verbal or any other type of violence does not have to be carried out by men. Many cases are included within the concept of domestic violence. In fact, the violence exercised by a mother over her children or vice versa, a grandfather over her grandchildren, etc., would be labeled in this way. In short, all that occurs within the family.

Request assistance by phone

All women have the free phone number at their disposal. This is operational 365 days a year, 24 hours a day and does not leave a trace on the invoice, so no one will know that they have called when reviewing it. Obviously, conventional security services are also available to women victims of domestic or gender-based violence.

Go immediately to a hospital or health center

The next step is to go to a hospital or health center in order for the corresponding team of doctors to carry out a complete examination and determine the damage suffered. In this sense, you only have to ask the staff to make a specific review. On the other hand, if the woman finds it impossible to go to the medical center, she can call specific number and ask for the Emergency Assistance.

Report the Aggression

Complaints are the main weapons to combat mistreatment of women. For this reason, it is important that you go to the police station or the nearest court to file the corresponding. You will definitely need the assistance of a professional PERSONAL INJURY LAWYER specializes in domestic violence or family law. It is also important to specify if you have children and if they are in a dangerous situation. The victim has the right to request the assistance of a professional New York City personal injury attorneys.

Women victims of this type of violence should know that they do not have to be afraid to leave their home. However, they can also do so under the same conditions as long as they file it within 30 days. In summary, this is the usual protocol of action in cases of domestic violence against women.