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Factors to consider when hiring a sexual abuse lawyer in California

by Danny white

Most people view clergy sexual abuse as one of their greatest nightmares. It affects the plans of a victim. However, if you are a victim of clergy abuse, do not walk alone. Hire the services of an attorney to help you in the abuse case.

We shall look at some of the things you need to look out for when hiring a lawyer in California.

What is clergy sexual abuse?

When a clergy member uses their power to abuse, harm sexually, or exploit a congregant. This harassment is in the form of;

    • Sexual touching
    • Unwanted sexual conversation
  • Other forms of pressure or sexual language
  • Pressure for sexual attention

Clergy abuse occurs within the circles of religious organizations. It is so sad that most of these cases are either covered up or dealt with internally.

  • Look for a sex abuse lawyer

It is essential to look at a lawyer’s area of practice before hiring them. The law contains many aspects for one lawyer to specialize in all it. Get an attorney who handles clergy sexual abuse alone.

Since they understand the American legal system, these lawyers will help you navigate through the case.

  • Consider their expertise

Find out whether the lawyer you are researching is experienced in clergy abuse cases. Try and inquire on how long that particular lawyer has been practicing law.

The more time they have been in this career, the more they are likely to be well advanced in sexual abuse cases. When you hire an experienced lawyer, you are more guaranteed of winning the case.

  • Cost implication

Cost is a factor to considering when hiring a California clergy abuse lawyer. Get a legal representation bill that is sustainable for you. In some instances, legal cases take more time than expected.

You do not want to have a lawyer leaving your case halfway simply because you cannot afford him. Search their pricing on their website, and if needs be, visit them before hiring their services.

  • Communication is key

How well does a lawyer communicate when talking to you? Is there a flow in communication between both of you? Do they understand your hopes and concerns?

Communication is one of the critical areas in a compelling legal case. Your lawyer should be able to;

  • Understand your case
  • Address your primary concerns
  • Know your objectives

They should keep you posted on any crucial development in the clergy sexual abuse case. As a victim, you should be able to understand the law in layman’s language.

  • Enquire from other people

It would be of help if you found out from other people suffering the same fate as you are. It will enlighten you on the kind of lawyer you want to hire.

Wrapping up

Do due diligence on the lawyer you want to hire for your case. It is disappointing to lose a clergy abuse case bearing in mind the harmful effects of being abused sexually.