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How to Get Justice when You are Not Getting Paid for Your Work

by Clare Louise

If you are not getting paid for all the number of hours you have put in to perform a task, your employers may be violating the wage and hour laws. Federal and state laws depict that every employer must pay a certain pay structure number of hours. He should stick to these guidelines and pay all his employees accordingly failing to which may result in a lawsuit. In such a case, a wage & hour attorney should be contacted so that an employee can get what he deserves.

Wage issues covered in Employment law

Some of the issues that have been covered in this area are mentioned below:

  • Employee benefits
  • Overtime Pay
  • Minimum wage
  • Misclassification of the independent contractors

If an employer is violating these laws, the employee can hold him responsible and file a lawsuit. For instance, if your boss refuses to pay overtime, you can file a case against him. It has been observed that employers tend to make employees work overtime at the regular salary. They call it a part of duties and responsibilities. An employee can hire an attorney and ask for additional pay.

In some cases, the employer treats the workers as independent workers whereas they should be considered as the regular employees of the company. They should get all the benefits as employees including overtime pay and minimum wages.

Role of an attorney 

In order to resolve your matter or dispute with your employer, a lawyer will get in touch with the management of the company and explain to them the entire case in a legal manner. He can also suggest out-of-court settlement options. As he knows the laws and rules, he will be unbiased in his dealings and only follows what is right for you.

If your company has hired an attorney, an employment lawyer will be able to speak to him on your behalf and even discuss how to resolve the matter in an amicable way.  If your company does not agree to the terms, he will prepare the case and file it in the court of law. He ensures that you can perform your duties and responsibilities in the organization without any harassment.

With the help of an employment lawyer, you can make your professional life much smoother. You can find a qualified one with the help of the Internet.