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Legal Recourse if an Accident Causes You to Become Disabled

by Paul Watson

Statistics say that each and every human in the United States will be involved in an average of 4.5 accidents in their lifetime. Though it is true that most of these accidents will be minor in nature, some of them will be serious, dangerous and life altering.

Long lasting injuries are a distinct possibility of outcome if you are involved in an auto accident. According to a prominent disability attorney in Melbourne, FL., the most common age group to be affected with permanent disability as a result of an auto accident are those people between the ages of 35-64 years old.

There are actually two separate types of lawyer you would retain for this scenario. After all, you want to have an attorney representing you who specializes in that field of law. If you are involved in an auto accident, say in the town mentioned above, you would want an injury attorney in Melbourne, FL. to represent you for the accident case itself. Their job is to recoup damages and get as much money as they can for you.

Temporary and Permanent Disability

If you should happen to develop a disability because of a vehicle accident, an attorney who specializes in disability law may be your best bet. Many times, injuries can be degenerative, meaning they get worse over time and can affect your ability to earn an income.

If your lawsuit does not result in you receiving long term payments to cover potential loss of income, then this is when you would start thinking about applying for Social Security Income.  As you probably know, the Social Security system is something you pay into your entire working career. It is an emergency safety net in case you become unable to earn an income.

Disability can be temporary in nature as well. If you are able to regain your health and begin to work again, these payments would cease. But they will always be there for you  in case you become unable to earn a living again or should you retire.

Free Structures for These Kinds of Attorneys

Both disability and injury attorneys only get paid if you win your case. An injury attorney will get a % of the settlement (no cap) and a disability will get a % as well but is capped at under $10,000 for the life of the claim.

Having an incentive to not only win your case, but get you as much money as possible is a good thing when it comes to your attorney’s approach to winning your case. They will obviously work as hard as possible to not only win your case, but secure you the best compensation possible.