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Let’s understand the statute of limitation

by Clare Louise

Life is uncertain and you never know when you find yourself in need of a legal expert like Naqvi Accident Injury Law, so, it always proves to be beneficial to know about some legal terms and concepts.

Let’s understand the statute of limitation especially in terms of accident injury.

What is the statute of limitation?

In very simple terms, a statute of limitations is the law which states the maximum amount of time that a party has for initiating the legal proceedings. Whenever something wrong happens, there is a course of legal action that one can take and the law has set different amounts of time to take action in different types of matters.

The statute of limitations depends on the nature of the case. For example, for accident injury cases in every state it ranges from 1 to 6 years, depending on the concerned state, and there is no maximum time period for severe crimes like murder to be reported and tried in a court.

Statute of limitations in accident injury cases

When it comes to the road accident injury, statute of limitations means the time limit under which a court case can be initiated after the accident. This varies depending on the state, for example the time period in Nevada is 2 years from when the road accident takes place. However, there are a few exceptions in this process where the time limit can be increased.

There are some serious illnesses which can be a result of a particular accident but start to show at a later stage, in these cases, the time limit applies from the day you receive the test results of the injury. Another exception in the statute of limitations is if the defendant leaves the jurisdiction area, the time limit is paused for that time.

So, the limitation date can be in the gray area in some cases and you should be ready and preserve all that can be useful in your case.

What to preserve for your lawyer?

  • You must keep all the CCTV evidence safe for whenever you choose to go ahead with the legal procedure.
  • All evidence that has to do with the witness of the accident must also be kept safely.
  • The documentary evidence like the copy of a police report, licenses of both the parties, etc. must be preserved.

Statute of limitations is an important aspect of a legal procedure and you should know about the terms clearly.