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Protecting Yourself from Abuse During Divorce

by Danny white

As you know, divorces can be pretty challenging to deal with if the couples are not ending their marriage on a good note. Thus, it gets worse if the other partner turns out to be short-tempered or has anger issues, then maybe there can be an involvement of abuse. 

Abuses like sexual abuse, domestic violence, or many other abuses can traumatize you or will likely make you afraid of signing the divorce papers. Therefore, you must make sure that you seek professional guidance from the best divorce attorney who has experience with domestic violence cases; click here to learn more.

Different steps to take to protect yourself from abuse during divorce:

  1. Understand what abuse is

If you think that your spouse is short-tempered or you are not splitting on a good note, then you must make sure that you are aware of all the signs of abuse. Abuse during a divorce includes physical, verbal, and financial abuse. If you are facing some verbal threats, getting intimidated, or being assaulted sexually or physically, you must make sure to start taking serious actions regarding these behaviors.

  1. Create a safety plan.

When it comes to dealing with abuse, it is not easy to get over it or control it. You must make sure that you save yourself and your children from witnessing such a horrible event. You must keep all the divorce papers and financial documents in a safe lock. 

Always keep someone from your side at your house so that you do not interact with your spouse alone. In addition, you can also set some alarms or bells that indicate to others that you are in danger.

  1. Seek legal support

As you know, you cannot save yourself from the abuse if you only keep defending yourself. Therefore, you must take some striking steps to make sure that you end this mental trauma. Thus, consider hiring the best divorce attorney with the best track record and experience. Your attorney will make sure to listen to everything you have to say and will prepare a strong case.

  1. Document the abuse

With the help of your attorney, you must make sure that you understand your legal rights and methods to document all the abuse events. Therefore, you must save all the threat messages and voicemails and record all the physical interactions that have made you feel insecure and afraid. By documenting these scenes, you can build a strong case.

  1. Focus on self-care

Traumatizing events can affect your daily life, and you will not be able to focus on anything. Therefore, you must visit a therapist and start focusing on your self-care. Surround yourself with your close ones and avoid isolating yourself.

Therefore, if you are sensing the signs of abuse in any way from your partner, consider seeking legal assistance from your attorney.