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What are the Most Common Injuries Caused in Motorcycle Accidents?

by Sheri gill

There are a lot of stories about motorcycle accidents. Outrageous crashes and horrific tragedies are the ones that grab the most headlines, but according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), 89% of motorcycle accidents result in no injury at all! To give perspective, motorcyclists face 12 times more risk of death than would a passenger in a car traveling in America. This is especially true for older riders as they are more likely to be on motorcycles with higher horsepower engines and less protection than a typical passenger vehicle. 

However, motorcycle accidents can be more devastating than car accidents are. Therefore, it is essential to get the assistance of a Roseville personal injury lawyer after being involved in a motorcycle accident. Motorcycles are the smallest and the most vulnerable vehicle of all on the road. In addition, motorcycles are also difficult to see in traffic by other drivers.

Here are the most common injuries caused by motorcycle accidents in Sacramento.

  • Fractures

The most common and minor injuries in motorcycle accidents are those to the fingers, toes, and legs. They are usually caused by simply being thrown off the motorcycle and hitting hard surfaces such as the ground. In the unlikely event that the rider is thrown onto something possibly sharp, their hand or leg could be injured.

  • Nerve damage

A motorcycle accident can damage nerves in the back and neck. The rider could have nerve damage that affects their ability to sit or bend for a long period of time or go about daily activities. It could also cause pain in the arms and legs. In the worst-case scenario, a spinal injury could result in paralysis for the rider.

  • Internal injuries

A motorcycle accident can cause internal injuries. These types of injuries, such as bleeding or broken ribs, are some of the most serious and may be life-threatening if not treated properly. It is easy to hit something hard on a motorcycle that could break bones or cause internal bleeding if the impact is hard enough to knock the rider off their bike.

  • Head or brain injury

Head and brain injuries are one of the most serious injuries that can occur from a motorcycle accident. A head injury can be deadly if not treated on time. The rider could suffer from a severe concussion, skull fracture, or internal bleeding on the brain. It is essential to seek medical attention as soon as possible after an accident like this one to ensure that you receive proper care and that your injuries are diagnosed correctly.