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Does the Choice of A Lawyer Matters When You’re Filing a Civil Suit? 

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Civil cases fall under an extensive category – each one as tricky as the other. You’re eligible to file one if you’re facing any of the following issues:

  • Discrimination in work space. 
  • Discrimination in admission in a school or university.
  • Rejected insurance claims. 
  • Harassment by your employer. 
  • Harassment by your employees. 
  • Insurance fraud. 

These are but a few scenarios where a civil lawyer can help you. Clearly enough, if you have hired a substandard lawyer, you’ve actually shrunken your chances of winning. Which is why we say you hire good civil lawyers at firms like Liebman Legal.

That said, you might now be interested in learning about the different sectors where a civil suit is possible. If that’s the case, the guide to follow is just the right space to fill you in. 

  1. Commercial Fraud

It’s quite likely to suffer monetary losses due to a fraud. The most common sectors that fall under this category are listed below. 

  • Real-estate
  • Insurance
  • Construction

And, the most common feuds are usually:

  • Breach of contract
  • Tax disputes
  • Financial tussle between stakeholders 
  1. Employment Issues

The Canadian government is always working towards protecting employees. If you still face issues in your workplace, you must file a lawsuit to retain your rights that are mostly related to the following problems. 

  • Termination of contract without prior notice. 
  • Discrimination in pay structure and promotions due to gender and ethcinity. 
  • Rejection of reimbursement in cases of medical troubles. 

If there’s any such problem, you should be aware that the government includes the following facilities for employees:

  • You are eligible to take paid sick leaves. 
  • There are fixed working hours beyond which the employers cannot force you to work. 

As complex as they sound, legal civil lawyers at Liebman Legal fight such cases on a regular basis. Thus, they’re familiar with the entire concept of how the system works. 

  1. Educational Problems

Every Canadian citizen can file a civil suit if they’re denied an admission on the following grounds:

  1. Donation issues 
  2. Ethnicity and gender bias
  3. Physical disability 

None of these 3 are the grounds to rejection. And a legal civil lawyer will always protect your rights against such a bias. 

Now that you know when to sought legal help, it’s might be fascinating to learn how reputable civil lawyers prepare for the case:

  • They collect evidence from you. 
  • They do independent research and interrogation.
  • They prepare the case on the basis of all the proof they collect. 
  • They don’t jump to the court directly. They try to establish a mutual reconcile outside the court that’s mostly beneficial for all the parties involved in the feud. 

Finally, if all their efforts to fetch an out-of-court settlement fail, they file a lawsuit on your behalf.