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Three Important Things to Know Before You Choose a Glen Falls Car Accident Lawyer

by Paul Petersen

Every day, a lot of deaths occur because of serious car accidents in Glen Falls. Being in a car crash is physically damaging and emotionally draining as it can leave you facing serious injuries and not being able to work for a while. The at-fault person must pay for such injuries to make sure you do not have financial woes to deal with. To prepare for a battle against the driver’s insurance company, you must hire a Glen Falls car accident lawyer to help you build a strong case and collect evidence. Also, your attorney will handle communications with the insurance company. As a car accident victim, there are things you probably do not know before you hire an attorney. These include the following:

Your Initial Consultation May be Free

The majority of car accident attorneys do not charge upfront. In fact, they only work on a contingency-fee-basis, which means they only get paid when they successfully recover compensation from the other party or their insurer. They will take just a percentage of the money given to you by an insurance company or awarded to you through a verdict. 

The initial consultation is important to help the attorney determine if you have a case in the first place. Also, you will discuss their pay structure. 

Experience Matters

When you choose a lawyer to represent your car accident case, you must pick one who has extensive experience in handling this kind of case. And make sure they have a good track record of success in this field. An experienced attorney knows is aware of the common tactics that insurers use to try to diminish or deny insurance claims and counter these tactics. They will recover the full compensation that reflects all of your losses.

Avoid Ambulance Chasers

Some attorneys may chase you at the crash scene or the hospital to try to sell their services to you. They will give you their business card, ask you some questions regarding the accident, and tell you to contact them immediately. Such practice is both illegal and unethical. If an attorney approaches in this way, avoid them. This approach only shows that these lawyers need to chase people just to get clients. Professional and successful attorneys do not do this. They depend on their reputation and professionalism for building up their client base. You cannot trust an important case like yours to these amateur lawyers.