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What are the Main Risks for Motorcycle Riders?

by Danny white

Unique factors put riders at risk of serious injuries in Nashville motorcycle accidents

For motorcycle enthusiasts, the open road, fresh air, and riding amid beautiful Tennessee scenery are just a few of the attractions that draw you to your favorite activity. However, you are probably also aware that numerous factors put you at risk of serious injuries in a motorcycle accident. One threat is revealed by statistics from theTennessee Highway Patrol dashboard on motorcycle collisions: Timing. The danger hours are from 3 to 6 pm, and crashes are more likely on weekends.

Still, it is important to know some of the other risks that lead to severe, catastrophic injuries to motorcycle riders. There is little you can do about negligent drivers that cause crashes, so trust aNashville motorcycle accident lawyer to pursue your legal remedies if you were hurt. Some details on the risks are also informative.

Motorcycle Design

Some risk factors make collisions more likely, while others affect the severity of the trauma to the rider; the design of the motorcycle encompasses both. For instance:

  • A traditional motorcycle travels on two wheels, so there is less stability. A rider could lose control upon becoming imbalanced, such as when encountering slick surfaces, potholes, or loose gravel.
  • There is no metal barrier to protect a rider as there is for a passenger vehicle. Your body will bear the full brunt of the impact.
  • Considering the narrower profile, a motorcycle is less visible to other motorists.
  • Besides failing to provide protection, the lack of a metal barrier also means that the rider will almost always be ejected from the motorcycle. You could suffer a secondary impact when striking the ground or other hard surfaces.

Road Rash in Motorcycle Accidents

Another risk for motorcyclists is a unique, excruciatingly painful injury called road rash. The wound occurs when skin slides along the surface of pavement or cement, which frequently happens when the rider is tossed from the motorcycle. Road rash possesses characteristics of abrasions and burn injuries, due to the energy transfer upon impact. Not only is road rash agonizing, but the nature of the injuries also means a higher risk for infection.

Motorcycle Rider Bias

It might surprise you that prejudice against motorcyclists could be a factor, but you may encounter mistreatment when pursuing your legal remedies. The assumption persists that motorcycle riders are daredevils that are reckless and take risks. Bias may affect your claim if the at-fault driver’s insurance presumes that you were negligent, and it may impact the jury’s impressions in court.

Trust a Nashville Motorcycle Accident Attorney to Assist with Your Claim

Knowing the extreme risks can help you protect yourself, but you cannot prevent crashes caused by negligent motorists. If you were hurt, you can trust our team at Bednarz Law to help with the legal process and get fair compensation for your losses. Please contact our Nashville offices today at 615-256-0100 orgo online to schedule a no-cost case review with a Tennessee motorcycle collision lawyer.