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4 Practical tips to avoid an ugly divorce

by Paul Watson

Let’s be honest – “Divorce” doesn’t sound like a happy word. Unfortunately, a significant number of marriages in Utah end in divorce. Movies and pop culture has only ruined the idea of getting divorced because couples often assume a situation where they would be fighting in court. In this post, we are sharing key tips to avoid an ugly divorce. 

  1. Find a lawyer. Working with a Salt Lake City divorce lawyer has many benefits. Firstly, your lawyer can advise you on your legal rights and interests. Utah allows for equitable distribution of assets between spouses, and your attorney can ensure that you don’t get a raw deal. Lawyers are also skilled at negotiation and often have their ways and strategies that help resolve matters outside of court. 
  2. File a joint petition for divorce. Utah allows for no-fault divorces, and you just need to wait for 90 days to finalize your divorce. If you don’t blame your spouse for things like incurable insanity, adultery, or willful desertion, you can get the divorce sooner. It is important to hire an attorney, which makes room for discussions with your spouse. Both lawyers can come to an agreement on key matters considering client interests. 
  3. Think of your children first. Couples often have a hard time agreeing on child custody and child support. It often becomes an issue of personal gains. You can possibly sort your divorce matters quicker if you consider your children on priority. Consider what is best for your child, and you will find it easy to discuss solutions with your spouse. 
  4. Compromise when possible. There are things that couples can manage outside of court. Divorce often becomes a battleground for resolving past issues. The whole reason why you want a divorce is to move ahead in life. This may mean compromising on some aspects and opting for an arrangement that’s suitable for both sites. Don’t let your disappointment guide your decisions. 

Finding a good lawyer

Not all attorneys are the same. You need an attorney who is based in Salt Lake City and specializes in family law. They should be able to help you with your questions and must be accessible at all times. If you know people who can help, consider asking for references. If that’s not an option, your next best bet is to check online. Websites like Justia and Nolo have ready listings for all cities in Utah, including Salt Lake City.