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Five Main Risks To Motorcyclists

by Danny white

Riding a motorcycle is thrilling, but it is also risky. It has a lot to do with lack of experience, but novice riders aren’t necessarily the ones who end up killed or in the hospital.

You won’t be able to stop every crash, but holding your eyes wide open and watching the road might help you spot risks and make smarter choices regardless of what’s going on. 

Make sure you’re paying attention to these five dangers to your protection as a rider and if affected, contact a motorcycle accident lawyer immediately.

Approaching Traffic

A commuter may be communicating on his smartphone. Perhaps a driver is looking at his or her dashboard. Maybe the driver is lost in thought. It doesn’t matter what triggers it; all it takes is for another driver to wander into the opposite lane to create a serious accident.

Just being brushed by an approaching car will knock a rider off his bike, so a driver doesn’t have to impact a rider directly. Unfortunately, the only way to reduce the chances of crashing with oncoming vehicles is to keep a keen eye on commuters and ride as if someone is out to attack you.

Cars In Line For A Turn

Intersections are among the most dangerous places on the road, thanks in part to drivers who make hasty left turns. Almost every motorcycle rider has a story about barely escaping an accident with a car coming across in front of them. Still, too many have accounts of being struck by those vehicles.

Drivers must put down their phones and pay more attention to what goes on in front of them, but riders must still be cautious when passing through intersections. This increased caution can save a life.

Sudden Halts

When someone needs to brake suddenly, there’s always the risk of a crash, but it’s always riskier on a motorcycle. Because your front brake generates 70 percent of your stopping power, you must use it. However, if you hold the brake too tight, you risk locking up the front tire and falling off the bike.

Purchasing a motorcycle with anti-lock braking can help alleviate this issue, but if you don’t have ABS, learning how your bike manages under hard braking is even more critical. That way, the next occasion you have to hit the brakes to avoid a collision with the vehicle in front of you, you’ll be prepared. Call a motorcycle accident lawyer if you get hit from behind.

Unexpected Debris

Motorcycles are great at going around curves in usual conditions on regular roads, but things get difficult when you start putting obstacles in their way. Sticks, gravel, and even carcasses can be challenging to navigate, but gravel is perhaps the worst road hazard.

Gravel destroys your grasp, forcing your bike to act erratically and quickly, resulting in a crash. A decreased fall is just as simple as it gets when you’re going down. Unfortunately, riders attempting to salvage from a gravel hit can easily high-side, which is far more harmful.

Unfavorable Weather

Riding a motorbike in the rain is a nightmare. You typically get wet, other drivers splash you, and the huge puddles that form at the foot of hills could be dangerous to maneuver. The roads become slicker, visibility decreases, and drivers rarely change their speeds, rendering the road unsafe for motorcycle riders.

There’s also an explanation why riding in the winter isn’t recommended. Yes, the right gear will keep you safe, but icy conditions are as dangerous as they come. Even if you’re not riding in a snowy environment, you should be cautious on long rides because you don’t have a clue what could be lurking further down the road.

If you’re impacted by any of the conditions mentioned above, contacting a motorcycle accident lawyer as soon as possible is essential.