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Legal Career Paths

by Clare Louise

The legal profession is an exciting, rewarding field, but you don’t have to spend years in law school to join it. Although outside observers may believe that lawyers and judges are the most important people in the courtroom, thanks to movies and TV, that doesn’t tell the entire story. Beyond the people who argue in front of the judge, there are numerous professionals who play essential roles in the day-to-day administration of our justice system. Although these professionals aren’t as prominent as judges or attorneys, they are nonetheless extremely valuable in the courtroom. Those interested in finding a job in the legal profession would do well to consider any of these roles.

There is a courtroom role for virtually any type of person, and you don’t have to like arguing to be in the legal profession. For example, becoming a court reporter means learning an important skill and being in high demand. If you’re interested in joining the legal profession but aren’t sure you want to invest the time and money it would take to complete law school, look at the accompanying infographic. It lays out all of the key careers found in the courtroom. There’s a good chance you may find your next career path here if a career in the courtroom interests you.