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Personal Vehicle Lemon Law and What You Need to Know

by Paul Watson

The Florida Lemon Law was established to offer solutions for defective vehicles directly from the manufacturer. Out of good faith, it is the responsibility of the motor vehicle company to handle complaints regarding the motor vehicle warranty to get resolved within the stipulated period. All vehicles considered “lemons” must have been purchased from a recognized and certified dealer.

If you have any issues with your vehicle, you must have made at least three unsuccessful attempts by the authorized service center or manufacturer. And that is to fix the warranty-covered defect as this is the reasonable number of attempts at repairs. 

If your car is out of service for extra days and you need to seek more repairs, your vehicle can get referred to as a lemon.

Personal vehicle lemon law

The lemon law will typically offer protection to individuals who’ve leased or purchased vehicles for household, family, personal needs, and more. That means that you will not be held responsible for any issues that may arise at a manufacturer level.

The law describes lemon cars as those with diminished value, compromised safety, impaired use. These could include oil leaks, mechanical issues, interior and exterior defects, and electrical problems. 

Recreational vehicle lemon law

The lemon law for a personal vehicle is almost similar to recreational ones. The difference comes in since not all the components or parts are covered under the lemon law. 

Some of the disqualifications under recreational vehicles include plumbing systems, heating sources, windows (minus the driver, windshield, passenger window), vehicle flooring, electrical components, and generators.

Lemon law remedies

Lemon law offers protection to individuals who have leased or purchased vehicles for a couple of reasons, including personal, family, household, etc. 

These laws are crucial since they protect you from issues that are not your fault but the manufacturer’s.

Defective vehicles can have many issues, including oil leaks, interior and exterior defects, electrical problems, and mechanical issues. It is crucial to note that the law does not cover vehicles damaged in an accident.

You might be asking yourself whether you need to file a claim on your own. Or need the help of a lemon law attorney.

The truth is, you can file a claim on your own and resolve the matter by yourself. However, you risk not getting the total compensation you deserve. And that is where a lemon law attorney comes in. 

These professionals handle related cases every day. And are familiar with yours. They are armed with all the skills and expertise to defend your case. And will help arrive at the best action that suits your needs.

Besides, having a qualified lemon law attorney by your side helps you avoid confusion with the law. They have all the resources needed to navigate your case and have all the necessary resources to fight for your rights. 

Handling your lemon case by yourself can be intimidating and may take up all your time. A professional Florida lemon law attorney will deal with your claim fast. Whether you want your money back or a new vehicle, the professional will make it happen.