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Types Of Accidents That A Car Accident Attorney Handles

by Danny white

Over 200 thousand traffic accidents occur on the roads of each state of the United States. This data includes around 1,500 fatalities and over 130,000 injuries. Unfortunately, the numbers are relatively huge. 

Many different situations lead to a car accident. However, a majority of them are treatable. The fundamental causes of these car accidents are environmental conditions, driver error, or mechanical malfunctions. Understanding each type of accident prevents you from such accidents in the future. In this blog post, you will come to know about the five types of cases that a car accident attorney handles.

Head-On Collisions

The head-on collisions account for less than 3% of the total accidents in the United States. Although they are not frequent types of accidents, they cause fundamental injury or even cause death when they occur. This type of collision generally occurs when the driver has entered the centerline on the approaching traffic. It may also occur when the driver chooses to drive in the wrong direction on a one-way street. If you look at the probability of these cases, the head-on collisions at high speed cause severe property damage and even pose a risk to the life of the driver. Hire attorneys from https://www.springersteinberg.com/personal-injury/car-accidents/to handle the after procedures of a car accident.

Rear-End Collisions

Rear-end collisions are more frequent than head-on collisions. Hence, it is the most common type of accident, according to the car accident attorney. The leading driver is at little to no fault in this case. When the driver becomes distracted due to mobile phones, passengers, or trying to take something, it leads to rear-end collisions. Moreover, rear-end collisions are possible when the driver is driving the car too close to the other vehicles in the traffic or moving too fast in bad weather conditions.

Sideswipe Collisions

There are plenty of scenarios that lead to one car sideswiping the other. Some of the situations may include heavy rain or hailstorms. Drivers who are distracted due to other things are the most probable cause of sideswiping collisions. People who drink and drive or are under the influence of drugs are also susceptible to these collisions. The sem-trucks are the most common transportation that met with sideswipe accidents. It is because they have large blind spots that extend backward and outward from both sides. 

Angle Collisions

According to the car accident attorney, angle collisions are also known as T-bones, side-impact collisions, and broadside collisions. These collisions usually occur at the intersections of the vehicle. Angle collisions are another type of collisions after rear-end collisions. It poses a considerable threat to the lives of the people sitting at the backside of the car. Causes of angle collisions are breaking the traffic signal, malfunctioning signals, fallen stop signs, and many more.

Multi-Vehicle Collisions

The multi-vehicle collisions are the impact of chain accidents that results from one or more accidents. It may occur when the vehicles are too close to each other. Drivers with a medical emergency or vehicle avoiding cargo spillage may accidentally meet with a car accident. It leads to multi-vehicle collisions.