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What Contributes to Car Accidents?

by Paul Petersen

Unfortunately, car accidents have become a typical instance. Several factors contribute to a car accident. However, most people are unaware of the elements and factors that would lead them to an accident. You must be aware of these factors as they could help you avoid accidents. 

If the car accident victims face problems while dealing with their case, they could contact a car accident attorney Philadelphia. Apart from legal assistance, the victims must prioritize seeking medical help at the earliest. Otherwise, the severity of injuries can significantly rise, and recovery time can increase. 

What contributes to a car accident?

  • Potholes 

The road cannot always be smooth and steady. Often, drivers have faced the risk of losing control of their car when encountering a pothole while driving. Driver also faces the risk of blowing out their tires when they go over a pothole. 

  • Tailgating

Tailgating can be one of the deadliest accidents. A fatal car accident can occur if a motorist tries to tailgate another driver at high speed. One can easily prevent such accidents by maintaining a safe distance and driving at a controllable rate. 

  • Wrong way driving 

Driving in the wrong can be dangerous for anyone. Other cars and vehicles will be approaching from the opposite direction at a significant speed when someone goes in the wrong way. You must avoid driving the wrong way and be careful if other drivers do so. 

  • Improper turns 

Drivers must not ignore traffic rules and signals. For example, drivers must follow signs, stop lights, and lanes while driving. Otherwise, the chances of an accident can become likely. 

  • Drunk driving

Driving while drunk or driving under the influence of a substance can quickly attract accidents. A drunk driver might not be in their best mind to control their vehicle and ensure others’ safety. Always avoid drunk driving as it could help you prevent fatal accidents. 

  • Red lights and stop signs

Running red lights and stop signs is one of the most common factors behind a car accident. Drivers running a red light might risk causing a wrongful death. It is because such instances can make the driver cause a significant side-impact collision. Apart from red lights, stop signs play a crucial role in ensuring the safety of the drivers. Thousands of car accidents are caused because of drivers running a stop sign. 

  • Teenage drivers

Teenage drivers are often inexperienced about driving a vehicle safely. The lack of experience has often resulted in car crashes. It would be in your best interest to contact a lawyer in Philadelphia to handle a teenage car accident case.